• I absolutely loved reading this book and could not put it down, it really was that gripping. I found myself immersed in the action and visualising everything to such an extent I am convinced that this would make an excellent movie. I totally agree with the other reviews that Luca Voss is the next James Bond/Jason Bourne character with the added benefit of a consistent theme and an equally credible and exciting partner in JJ. The combination of this partnership, the seven families make for a fascinating read and whilst this is of course all fiction you can't help feel it also very close to a reality. if you read and enjoy Ian Fleming, Robert Ludlum, Andy McNab, Chris Ryan & Tom Clancy then you have to read Simon Crane.

    Amazon Customer 13th October 2016
  • James Bond, Jason Bourne, George Smiley and now at last, the next action hero - Luca Voss! The Secret Broker by Simon Crane is a brilliant novel - a real globetrotting page turner. Surely a good movie promised here - or at least the next novel in the series.

    Peter Ede

2nd May 2017 by Dougie09

A real page turner.

1st May 2017 by Stephanie Clayton

A brilliantly gripping book, great characters Luca Voss was an inspiration,a must read could not put it down, looking forward to the next book. Would thoroughly recommend – It should be made into a film.

25th April 2017 by Caroline on

I chose The Secret Broker as our Book Club choice – and was delighted. It is a punchy page turner that hooks the reader in straight away. I agree with another reader who described Luca Voss as a James Bond-like character, with an interesting sidekick JJ – Luca is very likeable and the concept of the Seven Families was clever. Luca is a globe trotter so I wonder if Simon Crane either is or would love to have been. I consumed this in 3 days – it’s easy-reading and compulsive. You get the feeling that there is definitely a sequel in the offing – I hope so. Would make a good film too. Great stuff. I gave this 9/10.

29th March 2017 by Lynne on

An introduction to Luca Voss a new hero! A mixture of intrigue, high speed action, world politics and excitement delivered at a cracking pace. The Author has obviously done his research and his method of describing action packed scenes has you eager to turn the page to discover how it all works out. Can’t wait to meet Luca again!

20th February 2017 by Amazon Customer on

The Secret Broker is a fast paced, suspenseful thriller, reminded me of a James Bond movie when I read it with an international cast. Let’s hope this the first of many Luca Voss adventures

23rd January 2017 by Keith Green, Michael’s father on

Congratulations to Simon Crane on his first novel !
This is a first-class, well-constructed action thriller, imaginative, fast-moving international intrigue which kept me enthralled throughout.
Cannot wait for the next Luca Voss Novel and the one after that !

24th December by Andrew L on

An incredible debut novel. Full of detail, intrigue and suspense. A writer to challenge the likes of Forsyth and Silva.

22nd December by William Shuttleworth on

Highly entertaining!

3rd December by Customer

Riveting, kept me on the edge of my armchair all along!!!

29th November by Customer

This is a brilliant first novel. Fast-paced, unputdownable! Hope there are many more.

8th November by P D on

A great, fun read and a real page turner…Very much looking forward to the next in the series!!

8th November by Susan P O Driscoll on

I couldn’t put it down! The plot is great, the characters vibrant and just a little quirky, and Simon Crane’s impressive talent for description and his extensive knowledge of his subject matter combine to make this book a cracking good read.

8th November by Justin L on

Thoroughly enjoyable book! Great characters. Amazing plot. But, be careful…once you pick it up, it’s almost impossible to put it down until you’re done. You’ve been warned!

28th October by Victoria Hunt on

I could not put this book down. A definite must read!

25th October by James Evans on

I am adding Simon Crane to my list of must read authors along with Vince Flynn, W.E.B. Griffin, and David Baldacci. I could not put The Secret Broker down once I opened it. The Luca Voss character leads the reader on a fast paced journey providing one suspenseful surprise followed by another and another. I’m looking forward to the movie on this one and I hope Simon is busy with the next volume.

21st October by Mel on

This book is a definite ‘must read’! The writer draws you in from the very first chapter and takes you on a journey of international twists and turns that keep you relishing every page. I hope they turn this into a film as Lucas Voss would be up there with all the greats like James Bond, George Smilie, Jason Bourne, Rhichard Hannay and Napoloeon Solo.

19th October by Allen on

I thoroughly enjoyed this page turning thriller, which would make a fantastic film. Can’t wait to learn more about the characters in following books!

16th October by Artgirl on

This is an incredibly addictive fast paced thriller. Crane takes us from the very first chapters on an unforgettable international adventure that is irresistible and impossible to put down. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a book that has you at hello!

16th October by Customer

Fast paced and furious . This is a book for lovers of international espionage .

13th October by Mr T G Harwood-Smith on

Superb, pacey novel riddled with action, great characters. Great themes that could be expanded on in other novels. Would work well as a film. The new Bourne/ Bond.

BookClub4One Review

Read the review of The Secret Broker by BookClub4One here.

26th Sept 2016 by Customer

This book was an easy to read page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed the wicked plot that twists and turns. I was left wanting more. Would make a great movie.

5th Oct 2016 by John Fish on

For fans of globe-trotting thrillers will really enjoy reading the first in a series of novels by Simon Crane. The Secret Broker will take you across the globe as we are introduced to a new secret agent his name is Luca Voss.

There is a gripping opening to the story as a group of mercenaries take over a Japanese ship during a fierce storm one of the crew is murdered and passengers are kidnapped. Who is behind the plot to storm the ship? This clearly is an opening gambit by the author a hook and it worked for me as I could not put the book down. It was devoured one damp Sunday. For Luca Voss his employers are a secret organisation called the Seven Families are out to maintain the peace no-one seems to know much about this organisation as they are shrouded in mystery. Now Luca has an assistant and she is only known as JJ. She is loyal to Luca and is also his lover. Have we been here before?
Now the pair must seek out the individual who is rather keen on starting a nuclear war. What is his motive behind his plot to kill millions of people? What is North Korea doing firing a missile into Japanese airspace. Are all these linked? Luca and JJ have a race against time to locate the perpetrators and quickly the Severn Families are under threat. Find out who is behind the plot and quickly.

There are many twists and turns in The Secret Broker to keep you guessing until the very last it is a gripping debut novel. Simon Crane clearly is a man who knows the international highly sort after by government leaders around the world so he has done his homework here. It is a well thought out plot and it works. I hope in future books we get to learn more about the key characters in the thriller but if you like action thrillers then The Secret Broker is for you.

Thank you to Quartet Books for the advanced review copy.